10 Steps To The Perfect Influencer Campaign

April 13, 2018

Here at The Blogger Programme, we understand the struggle that brands and agencies have to not only identify the right influencers but to carry out an effective influencer campaign. So to help you to we’ve created…

10 Steps To The Perfect Influencer Campaign

Step 1 

As with any marketing campaign, it’s important to identify your campaign objectives. Ask yourself what are you trying to achieve and why?


Once you've identified your goals, you can set out a plan of action on how you aim to achieve your goals. Don't forget to set timeframes on when you expect to achieve these goals by and what results you are looking for to determine success.

Step 2

Who is your target audience? Any marketer knows that one of the first stages of any marketing strategy is to define your target audience.

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Ensure you include the following questions:

- How old is your ideal target audience?

- Are they male or female?

- Where do they live?

- What are their interests and hobbies?

It's extremely important to identify your target audience before planning a campaign as this allows you to clearly pin point who they are and how you're going to reach them.

Step 3

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The rookie mistake when dealing with influencer marketing is to place all your attention on how many influencers a follower has and nothing else. It's important to remember that followers does not directly equal reach - in fact there's a lot more to it! To determine campaign reach, it’s important to check what proportion of your influencers’ audience fits your target demographic. After all there's no point working with an influencer who has 100k followers if only 1% of that 100k are your target audience.

The Blogger Programme provides the perfect tool to quickly and easily profile audience demographics and analysis ensuring you’re always working with the right influencers for your brand. Here you will clearly be able to see who is the average follower of the influencer you are looking to work with - This includes their age, gender, location and even brand affinity.


Step 4

Alongside reach, an influencer’s engagement is a vital statistic when building a campaign. You could have the perfect influencer on paper with the perfect audience but if their audience isn’t engaged with their content - what’s the point?

To quickly determine an influencer’s engagement, The Blogger Programme provides influencer cards with a full yet quick summary of each influencers followers and engagement rate.


Step 5

Once you’ve identified the strongest influencers for your campaign you can build a shortlist ready to start your campaign. The Blogger Programme provides brands with an easy way to filter through a database of 37,000 influencers and shortlist relevant influencers for each campaign. Each shortlist card also gives a summary of the total followers per platform for the influencers in that shortlist - making every step of your campaign that little bit easier!


Step 6

Now that the campaign is ready to go, it’s important to brief your influencers on exactly what is expected of them. But remember influencer marketing is a 2 way conversation and it’s important to let content creators do their job - create unique content!

Allow influencers to add their own creativity and thoughts into the content they are produce - after all that is the beauty of influencer generated content.


Step 7

And then comes the tricky part - payment! If you’re new to influencer campaigns you may struggle with pricing your campaign and influencer fees.

The Blogger Programme’s team of industry experts have a wide range of experience in managing day to day influencer campaigns so feel free to get in contact and receive a free influencer marketing proposal with different commercial options: brands@thebloggerprogramme.com

Step 8

Most brands tend to make the same rookie error - not engaging with influencer content! You’ve gone through all the trouble of creating an incredible campaign, why stop there and not acknowledge it?

Make sure you engage with the influencers’ posts whether that’s by liking, commenting or even better - reposting on your own social channels. Not only does it show appreciation for the content they’ve produced but it also build a great relationship between you and the influencer.

Step 9

Which brings us onto our next point - Build long term relationships! Take some of the biggest fashion and beauty brands out there including L’Oreal and Dior - what do they all have in common? Influencer relationships!

If you have a selection of influencers that you have built a great relationship with and have provided your brand with great results then why not build a relationship with them and continue the success.

Step 10

And the last step to any successful campaign is - reporting! Go back to your initial goals and objectives and assess whether you've met them, fallen short or exceeded. Ensure you detail the highlights of the campaign along with any improvements to implement next time. The Blogger Programme ensures that each client receives a full campaign report with all content and results against initial KPI's.


And that's it! Are you looking to carry out an influencer marketing campaign but still not sure where to start? Or maybe you don't have the in-house resources to effectively implement this? Drop an email to The Blogger Programme team and we can not only advise you but we'll also send over a free proposal with campaign ideas and relevant influencers for your brands.

Get in touch today: brands@thebloggerprogramme.com

Alternatively, if you're simply looking for an influencer database and a tool to manage your campaigns then check out The Blogger Programme's self service platform and sign up for a free 7 day trial at www.thebloggerprogramme.com

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