TBP Spotlight: Top 10 Vegan Influencers

Feb. 3, 2020

Just because Veganuary is technically over, doesn't mean that you should stop eating vegan a few times a week as it still has lots of environmental benefits!The Blogger Programme has put together a list of their ten favourite vegan influencers whose photos and recipes will have you overflowing with new things to try to keep your environmentally friendly resolutions going! Comfort foods, sweet snacks, dinner ideas, these influencers share it all!

Georgia (@veganpixie_)

Struggling to find vegan food in the shops?Georgiauploads photos of her most recent and favourite vegan finds from the Greggs vegan steak bake to Marks and Spencer's no chicken kievs. There are endless options that she shares with her followers, all of which are tried and tested by her! She also creates videos onYouTubewhere she tries the food for the first time, giving her reaction and thoughts.

Holly (@thelittleblogofvegan)

If you are wanting to treat yourself,Hollyis the one to go to! Her feed is filled with amazingly decorated cakes and sweet treats that are almost too good to eat. She is also a three time award winning vegan recipe, advice, beauty and  lifestyle blog and has won Food Blogger of the Year in 2017! Herwebsiteis filled with how she makes her amazing creations - why not give one a go?

Romy (@romylondonuk)

Looking for some Instagram worthy recipes?Romyhas won an award for the Best Vegan Blog in 2018 so is perfect if you are in need of a little inspiration. She shares photos on her Instagram feed as well as posting the recipes on herblogwhere she has recipes for every photo-ready meal.

Richard (@schoolnightvegan)

Richardcan turn anything into an amazing vegan meal, from chocolate cream doughnuts to sausage rolls to french toast. On hiswebsite, he shares how to make his creations as well as useful pieces of information he has learnt since going vegan in 2017, helping others to make the same change.

Laura (@thefirstmess)

Laurais always trying out new recipes and sharing the success of them online. Once perfecting the dish, she shares how she made it and the process behind getting it to the final product. She is all about being sustainable when it comes to cooking and is always offering better alternatives for certain ingredients.

Janet (@janetsmunchmeals)

Need help finding food for on the go?Janetcreates delicious vegan meals that are made for those on the go. Her page is filled with food inspiration to create easy yet very tasty dishes for everyone. She makes all kinds of foods that will keep the whole family happy.

Caitlin (@frommybowl)

Don’t have enough time to cook?Caitlinshares dishes that are all very quick and easy to make. Many of her recipes have 10 or less ingredients, as well as including some ways to use up anything left lying in your fridge so you’ll always have something great to cook!

Rachel (@rachelama_)

Racheluploads all kinds of content from dishes to what she has been up to in her day to day life. She shares her favourite vegan meals on IGTV in quick 3 to 5 minute videos. If you find yourself recreating her dishes, you can always buy and try her recipe bookRachel Amas Vegan Eatswhich is filled with all sorts of amazing looking food.

Lauren (@rabbitandwolves)

Laurenis all about making vegan alternatives to everyone's favourite comfort foods. Another super useful section is her beginners guide where she gives out advice to those who are newer to being vegan. In this section, she shares a variety of alternatives for just about everything!

Amy (@nourishing.amy)

Amy'saim is to share all kinds of recipes and to teach her audience how to nourish and look after their bodies through listening to its cravings and healthy eating. She has recipes for breakfast, all the way through to dinner, everything you could ever want all available on herblogas well as her Instagram feed!


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