6 Habits Of Successful Influencers

June 17, 2019

A content creator is becoming an increasingly popular title, whether it is a side hustle or a full time job. However, it is not an easy career path. 91% of businesses now use content creation in their marketing strategy, making it a very lucrative industry to be part of. So if you are a lover of social media and have a creative flair in a particular niche, have a read of these 6 habits of successful content creators that you can adopt in order to follow in their footsteps... 

Read about your industry every week

Stay up-to-date with industry news, blogs or articles in order to understand your market fully and know what is currently trending. This may be as simple as flicking through Instagram to see what trends you can spot. By knowing your industry, you will have the upper hand when it comes to new social media platforms, popular content and who other like-minded creators are collaborating

Create often

Keeping a constant flow of content will be beneficial to you, not only to keep your skills intact, but also to stay present on your followers feeds. However, if you have a 'writers block' and need to have a few days off to refresh then that's ok - don’t force it! 

Know your audience

The best content creators know their audience inside out. This is because if you know what your audience wants, you can tailor your content to them, which in turn will increase your engagement and hopefully your income! The key things to learn about your viewers are: age, gender, location and income. All of these will help you create unique and worthwhile content that they are sure to enjoy.

Be yourself

Personality is important. It’s all well and good having a beautiful feed but if you aren’t being yourself, people can tell. We also recommend being present on different social media platforms and covering lots of different topics that are of interest to you. By doing this, you are opening yourself up to lots of new and exciting opportunities.

Engage with others

95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day, making for lots of opportunities to interact. Re-posting, sharing and replying are all great ways to curate with other people’s content. It is best to do this with accounts similar to yours or where you want yours to be. This way you are likely to attract this kind of audience and related brands. However, the rule for this one is: only do it when you have something valuable to add.

Understand your insights

Knowing your insights means you will know what works for you. Examples of this include: likes, comments, saves (these can help you work out your engagement rate too). For example, say you receive 700 votes on an Instagram Story poll versus 30 comments on a grid post, then you know that your audience prefers to interact with your stories. This will help you shape the way you post in the future to create more effective content. Being more engaged with what you post will help you not only gain a new audience, but keep your existing one. 


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