5 Most Insta-Worthy Cocktail Bars

Aug. 9, 2017

So after absolutely slaying the cocktail game at our Cocktail Making Masterclass in Oxford Circus (shoutout to London Cocktail Club for that!) we have been totally inspired for our next bar crawl (ahem, I mean our next sophisticated dinner meeting…?) From flaming cocktails that could set us on fire (quite literally), to fruity and fresh summery cocktails that have us reminiscing about our beach holidays last month - we have put together our 5 top most Instagrammable and favourite cocktail bars around the UK.

London Cocktail Club

Our number one tried and tested cocktail club where the lights are low (ideal for those sneaky extra shots of vodka when no-one’s looking), the music is LOUD and the cocktails are specially made! We were lucky enough to dip underground to this bar and experience their cocktail making masterclass, where we were taught all about each alcohol and what makes the best cocktail. We’re not just saying this because we’re now experts, but London Cocktail Club is number one on the list.


TigerLily Edinburgh

Another tried and tested bar by a member of the TBP family - one of Edinburgh’s cutest and most ‘grammable cocktail bars! White, bright and PINK - Tigerlily has Instagram written all over it. Tigerlily boasts a marble bar featuring pink neon signage and pink flowers as decor, , and serves personalised cocktails - the bar staff ask what kind of taste you want and then they roll with it - TBP Tip - ask for a Nightingale (sweet, refreshing, and made with egg whites so you still get your daily dose of protein for all you fitness fanatics out there…)


Tonight Josephine

If you’re looking for something new, funky and up-coming, this bar is the one! It is every girl’s dream - pink! We seem to love all bars that have neon lights making big statements, and Tonight Jospehine boasts bright slogans that are all things Girl Power - like this one! Perfect for our Insta.



This one is for all you old timers - HOW cool is this bar called Cahoots, set out like the London Underground in the 40’s. There’s something we love about being served cocktails in mugs and whiskey glasses by waiters dressed in bow-ties and waistcoats. Although after a few drinks it may get a little bit trippy as the setting is so realistic...Mind the gap!


Callooh Callay

This magical hidden space is considered a rabbit hole of a bar in the middle of London's lively night scene in Shoreditch. For a night to remember, step into the eclectic interior complete with cherry red bar stools. Flick through the sticker album cocktail menu and explore this quirky Shoreditch bar with expertly crafted cocktails and an ever changing food and drinks menu!


Have you been to any of these bars or have any hidden gems we should know about? Comment down below - we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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