A Fragrance Filled Trip To The Experimental Perfume Club

Aug. 30, 2017

Immersed in all of the hussle and bussle, hidden away in a corner of East London, a place to escape sits peacefully, waiting for creatives to uncover the art and logic of fragrance.

The Blogger Programme recently arranged for our influencers Jamie, Daniel, Zahra, NiaGraham and Hannah to attend a unique workshop at The Experimental Perfume Club, giving them the opportunity to learn all about the wonders of the fragrance industry.

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Emmanuelle Moeglin, the founder of Experimental Perfume Club, has worked for some of the industry's most esteemed perfumers all over the world before moving to London 5 years ago. Since being here, she has set up her own consultancy, as well as setting up the Experimental Perfume Club, where people and clients travel from all over for her expertize.

Bottles of fragrance, lined up on hanging shelves around the room, with plants and cute posters are any bloggers dream. Our influencers were snapping away, ready for their socials and excited for the workshop to begin! Emmanuelle had prepared the most adorable little booklets, given everyone their own workstation and we began by learning all about the 8 basic types of scent used in fragrance.

Perfume is a lot more complex than you think! Learning about all the different notes, balancing ingredients (where Zahra had to help us out with our maths skills) and measuring exact amounts in order for our scents to be as beautiful as we imagined was super interesting. Jamie put us all to shame with her amazing sense of smell!

After deconstructing the complex world of perfume, our influencers began mixing and measuring out the ingredients whilst sharing their personal step by step stages on their Instagram and snapchat stories.

The room was filled with different smells, and everyone was deep in concentration. Emmanuelle guided our influencers through the process and once everyone was happy, we mixed our bottles and began to try out our new personalised perfumes!

The finished products looked adorable, smelt incredible and we haven’t stopped wearing it since!

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