Five Essential Tips For Using Snapchat

May 6, 2016

You’re probably already aware Snapchat has fast become a platform for savvy brands to explore - The main reason for that is Snapchat is now driving more than 7 billion video views daily and 100 million active users.

So we've used Buffer's complete snapchat guide to give you five essential tips for using Snapchat to add value to your brand

1. Content Variety

The best way to keep your followers engaged on snapchat is to provide a variety of content that your users will either find entertaining or educational. Just like other social platforms, it's important to mix up your content and keep it original to set yourself apart from the rest!

2. Snapchat KPIs

One thing Snapchat currently lacks is the ability to effectively measure KPI's and analytics. The best way you can overcome this is to figure out is how many user views you are receiving per snap. This can easily be calculated recording your average views for your snapchat videos each day within a spreadsheet. You can then begin to track your progress and set yourself Snapchat goals.

3. Delivering Key Brand Messages

The biggest worry for brands entering the world of Snapchat is figuring out how the platform can directly add value to their brand.

Luckily, despite a lack of analytics there are ways to prove that key messages are effective over snapchat. If your aim is to deliver an important message on Snapchat (such as a product launch date) - The best way to do this would be to provide users with a call to action e.g Screenshot the next snap!

So simple but very effective.

4. Promote Your Snapchat

Unlike a lot of other social platforms, Snapchat doesn't have a public feed which allows you to see what content your friends are engaging with. As a result, the best way to build your following  is by using your pre-existing followers on your other social networks.

Luckily Snapchat has a very handy QR code (aka Snapcode) feature which makes it super easy and quick for users to follow you on the platform.

5. Create Snapchat related content

Writing posts on Snapchat case studies, the best people to follow, tips and tricks etc is a very handy way to raise awareness for your own Snapchat account. Not only will people be engaged with your content but including a cheeky mention to your account will help to drive new followers.

Speaking of cheeky mentions ... Here at The Blogger Programme we now have our very own snapchat account!


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