Instagram Is Changing: 4 Ways To Overcome The Algorithm

March 29, 2016

Instagram is changing.

How many times have you heard that phrase this weekend?

Or how many times have you seen images posted on your Instagram feed encouraging you to turn on post notifications?PostNot

This weekend has seen many brands and bloggers in a bit of a panic over Instagram's new algorithm. If you haven't heard about the change - where have you been?!

The new update means that photos will no longer be shown in chronological order. Instead photos will appear "based on t
he likelihood you'll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post."

It's a big change for the popular photo-sharing app and a lot of people aren't happy about it!

But don't worry, we've listed 4 ways to overcome the change and maintain strong reach and engagement on your feed.

1) Post Notifications

This is probably the most easiest way to ensure your followers are still up to date with your posts. Those who turn notifications on will receive a push notification every time you upload a new photo ensuring your content doesn't get missed.

The problem? Well not everybody wants to receive hundreds of notifications a day from all the people they follow!

2) Killer Content

Rather than relying on post notifications, the best way to get your content seen is to create unique content that will get people engaged.

How many accounts do you follow that all essentially look the same? Now look at some of the most popular accounts on Instagram. The reason behind their success is personality. Their content is unique to their brand and therefore people interact with their posts.

3) Be Active

In general, the more active you are on social media, the more attention you'll receive on your own content. If you engage with other people's photos by liking, commenting etc, chances are they'll do the same!

4) Build A Strategy

In order to market yourself effectively on social media, you need to have a strategy to set yourself apart from the rest. Whether that's a specific page theme or a unique hashtag, you need to please the eyes of your target audience to keep them coming back for more! In fact this not only applies to Instagram but any social media platform you use so make sure you have a strategy in place.


So there ya have it folks.

Whether you love it or hate it - it's happening so let's embrace it!

TBP Team x

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