Media Kit 101

Aug. 12, 2016

You've probably heard about them before. Every professional blogger will tell you that you need one. But what exactly is a media kit and how much do you actually know about them? Our media kit 101 will help to answer those questions!

What is a media kit?

A media kit is essentially a document that outlines your key blog stats and demographics - Kinda like a blogging CV!

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Does every blogger need one?

A media kit is given to potential brands that you want to collaborate with to give them more info about your blog, your stats and helps them decide if you're the right blogger for their brand. If you want to collaborate with a brand then you should definitely have a media kit ready to send. It'll make you look professional and makes the collaboration process easier if the brand has all the info they need straight away.

What should it include?

1. Introduction

Although brands love stats, they also want to know about you and the type of blogger you are so it's a good idea to write a short intro which includes info about when your blog was created, the kinds of topics you write about etc.

2. Images

Nobody wants to read a boring media kit full of paragraphs of text. Add in some nice photos from your blog and social media to not only show off the quality of your images but to also add bit of personality to your media kit. Even better these could be images from any previous brand collaborations you've done!

Don’t forget to also include a professional photo of yourself! We recommend a headshot with good lighting and a clean background.


3. Statistics

Now this is the section that brands will be interested in the most as they want know what results they can expect from collaborating with you and being featured on your blog. We recommend to include the following:

- Blog subscribers: RSS

- Monthly page views

- Monthly unique visitors

- Readership demographics (Age, Gender, Location etc)

- Social media followers

4. Ways to collaborate

It's good idea to list all the types of collaborations you're interested in doing, what each option includes and the prices for each of these services so brands can choose based on their budget. Types of common collaborations include:

- Sponsored Posts

- Social Media Promotion

- Product Reviews

- Giveways

- Sidebar Ads

5.  Previous Work

So this section is pretty much like the 'Work Experience' section on a standard CV. It's your chance to show off any previous collaborations you've done (especially if they're relevant to the brand you're sending your media kit to). You can choose how in depth you want this section to be ranging from simply listing brand logos, sharing links to previous collaboration posts you've done or including a full case study with results of a previous campaign (click throughs, views, shares etc). For further credibility you can add testimonials from brands you've worked to show that you are reliable and good to work with.

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How long should it be and what format?

In terms of length a media kit should ideally be no longer than 2 pages - if you can fit every thing onto 1 page then that's even better! Before you send your kit remember to save it as a PDF first. It'll make it super easy for brands to view it and just looks so much better than opening a MS Word document.

So that's all folks! Hopefully this little 101 helps all you bloggers out there to get started in creating your very own media kit. If you have any other tips please do share them with us in the comments below :)


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