Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

Oct. 18, 2016

Ever since Instagram launched their new story feature, the main question on every blogger’s lips is...Which is more beneficial for boosting your profile - Snapchat or Instagram?

Well don’t worry, we’re going to help you understand the differences between stories on Snapchat and Instagram so you can determine what app is best to invest your time in.

#1 Content

Snapchat - When you share content through Snapchat you create a story, which is made up of 24 hours worth of your images or videos. After 24 hours users will no longer be able to view your story. The nature of Snapchat works to promote timely engagement through consistent sharing of snaps.

Instagram - Instagram has two ways you can share your content. You can share your content through the feed which is permanent or you can share your content through your stories which is similar to Snapchat and has a 24 - hour shelf life.

The difference - Instagram content can be permanent by using the feed feature whereas Snapchat relies on 24 hour stories, only providing temporary content.


#2 Filters

Snapchat - Not only does Snapchat give you the option to use up to 16 different filters you can also use motion filters to speed up or slow down your snaps to incorporate creativity. As well as the standard filters, Snapchat gives you the option to use geofilters for location based snaps. When using geofilters your snaps will be framed with branding and themes normally sponsored by an event or brand.

Instagram - You can apply filters to change the colour, contrast, and lighting of your images or videos on an Instagram story as well as also being able to draw on your image.

The difference - Snapchat filters provides more options, whereas Instagram Stories are limited when it comes to features, contrast, and lighting adjustments.


#3 Browsing Stories

Snapchat - Your stories on Snapchat are ranked chronologically, with the most recent updated at the top of your list.

Instagram - Instagram stories appear at the top of your main feed, front and centre. Your stories will be in order of which friends are closest to you, as determined by an algorithm.

The difference - Instagram filters your stories on who they think you would most want to watch whereas Snapchat is displayed in chronological order.


#4 Sharing Old Photos

Both Snapchat and Instagram allow you share old photos to your story but do so in different ways.

The difference - Instagram only allows you to share photos taken within the last 24 hours while Snapchat allows you to share anything saved to Memories.

So there you have it! Let us know in the comments below what you think is best for you and your content? Snapchat Stories or Instagram Stories?


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