TBP Insiders - Meet Sinead Crowe

May 9, 2017

This week on TBP Insiders, we caught up with our ultimate style inspiration and girl crush – Sinead Crowe. From Sinead’s biggest fashion tip to her favourite brand collaboration – Keep reading to find out what she had to say!


1. Tell us a bit about you. When did you begin blogging and why?

I’m a UK based fashion blogger and before blogging I was a freelance fashion stylist. I started my blog as a form of portfolio to show clients my styling. I just fell in love with it and poured my heart and soul into it!

2. Is blogging your full-time job and what made you take that step to becoming a full time blogger/influencer?

Yes! As I said before I was working freelance before in styling so I luckily didn’t have to go from one to the other I went gradually down to 4 days a week, then 3, then 2 then 1! When I got back from travelling for me it was no question I wanted to do blogging full time!


3. How would you describe your style and who/what influences your style?

I would say I have a really simple, casual style! I always think my style is super minimal but actually I don’t think it is! I love getting inspiration from other bloggers. Usually I go through phases of favourites each month! Currently I’m loving all of the Australian girls, AndyCsinger, Pepamack and Jessicalizzi!

4. What’s the biggest fashion tip you’ve learnt since you’ve started blogging?

To only wear what you love and feel comfortable in! I know it sounds super cliche but as soon as I stopped trying to be what I thought a fashion blogger should be and started being what I actually am. My blog grew and so did my confidence.


5. What’s one item from your wardrobe that you couldn’t live without?

I would always have said jeans before, but I just bought myself some Balenciaga boots and I’ve never loved a piece so much in my life!

6. What is a typical day like for you?

I don’t really have one! If I’m in London I’ll be racing from meetings to lunches to events all day as I try and pack as much in as possible, not living in London myself! If I’m at home I usually start by checking emails and catching up on admin, then I’ll be out shooting with my Mum or Sister, maybe shoot a youtube video! Then up until midnight editing and writing! I work so much better on the sat down working bits at night!


7. As an influencer you probably get approached by a lot of brands on a daily basis. What advice would you give to brands who are looking to collaborate with influencers like yourself?

To take the time to get to know the blog and influencer and write a personalised email. We get so many emails that don’t even have a name in or have the wrong name in and it really just already puts you off working with someone before you’ve even considered anything else!

8. What has been your favourite collaboration to date?

Definitely Pandora! I recently worked with them on their Essence campaign and it was such a lovely collaboration! It combined two of my favourite things, mindfulness and fashion! Pandora is also a brand I’ve loved and worn for many many years so to work with them on my blog is sort of a pinch me moment!

Sinead Pandora

9. What’s your dream brand collaboration?

Probably Gucci! I am obsessed - anyone who reads my blog will know! Or Chloe actually! Isn’t being a #CHLOEgirl just the dream?

10. What are your plans for the future?

To work hard and build my empire!

Don’t forget to check out Sinead's links below!

Blog: http://www.lovestylemindfulness.co.uk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sineadcrowe

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sineadxcrowe

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