TBP Insiders - Meet The Influencer Who Grew 400K Followers In a Week

March 22, 2018

TBP Insiders - Angela Sunday Chapter

TBP Insiders is back and we're kicking off our segment with an exclusive Q+A with Angela from Sunday Chapter! Keep reading to find out how Angela grew her followers from 30k to 400k in just one week along with Angela's dream brand collaboration!

1) Tell us a bit about you. When did you begin blogging and why?

My name is Angela, I'm 23 years old, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and currently a full-time blogger. I started my blog Sunday Chapter nearly 5 years ago after spending hours every day reading blogs (mostly beauty and fashion reviews) and becaming completely immersed with the industry. At the same time, I had just finished my studies in PR and was feeling incredibly lost. I created my blog as an escape to everyday life and to document the things I love; whether it be a new outfit, a latest lipstick obsession, or ticking somewhere off my bucket list. I poured all my energy into it and it soon became my biggest passion.

2) What’s a typical day like for you?

As most bloggers will tell you, no two days are ever the same. Although, it would more than likely begin with admin, emails, conference calls and any meetings over coffee. I go over my calendar and make sure everything is scheduled, especially when it comes to coordinating campaigns with shoots and live dates. If there’s photos to be edited, I usually try to get that done so I can schedule them onto social or submit them to brands if they’re for a campaign. I try to write a blog post and make sure I have posts scheduled on social media, along with the copywriting, for the next few days. I take time everyday to also reply to as many comments and messages on Instagram. If I don’t have an event in the evening, that’s usually my favourite time to shoot. Other times, I might have a full day of events or be working more closely with a brand and spend the day creating content if it’s a big project. There’s a crazy amount that goes on behind the scenes!

TBP Insiders - Sunday Chapter

3) How would you describe your style and who / what influences your style?

I've always found it quite difficult to describe my personal style as it can greatly depend on my mood. Usually it will gravitate towards feminine, simple and trendy pieces, but other times I love an edgy look.

4) Alongside your incredible style, you’ve also created gorgeous travel content on your social and blog. What’s your favourite place that you’ve visited and why?

I have a real soft spot for the Greek islands and Croatia. I've spent 3 summers over there and made so many amazing memories. Everything from the beaches, locals, nightlife, history, food and atmosphere has kept them close to my heart.

Angela Sunday Chapter Greece

5) We love the Instagram Story templates you created! What inspired you to create these and how have you dealt with them going viral?

Thank you! I can't take credit for the idea as these kind of Q&A’s have been floating around social media for a long time now – even since the MySpace days. I believe it was my designs that went viral. Going viral has been incredibly exciting but also very overwhelming at the same time. A lot of people have dubbed me an 'overnight success' but in reality, I worked on my content everyday for the past 5 years. There's also been a lot of cynics that I've had to deal with, but I've tried to keep all my focus on the supportive, positive people that have come out of this!

Sunday Chapter Instagram Story Templates

6) Following your amazing and rapid growth on Instagram, what changes have you noticed in your follower demographics and brand collaborations?

My content has always attracted a like-minded audience, so luckily my demographic hasn't changed too much other than the fact my biggest audience is now in the U.S rather than Australia. I am attracting more exciting brand collaborations which I can't wait to share. They were collaborations that I could only ever dream about doing just a few weeks ago.

Sunday Chapter TBP Insiders

7) What advice would you give to any blogger trying to gain exposure and grow their social following?

With so many talented bloggers out there these days, it's important to keep innovative and change your thought pattern from "how do I gain a bigger following?" to "how do I provide more value for my audience?" Be genuine and genuinely interested in your followers. It's also important to be very consistent and patient. I haven't missed a day of posting in years (whether it be on Instagram or stories) and my audience knows they can rely on me for producing new content every day. It's hard to follow someone who is starting out and only posting when they feel like it. Always plan ahead!

8) Tell us a fun fact about you that not many people may know

I still can't drive! Although, that might change next week as I finally go for my driving test (better late than never?). Wish me luck!

Sunday Chapter Holiday Car

9) If you could pick one dream brand to work with, who would it be and why? 

Not so much a brand, but I would love to collaborate with Net-A-Porter one day. I could (and have) spent hours just browsing that dreamy website!

10) What are your plans and goals for the future?

I would love to continue building my blog's community, eventually expanding the business and hopefully releasing some sort of range. The possibilities are endless in this industry!

Don’t forget to check out Angela's links below!

Blog: http://thesundaychapter.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesundaychapter

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sunday_chapter


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