TBP Insiders - Top 5 Male Grooming Products

Sept. 19, 2017

On this week’s segment of TBP Insiders, we caught up with our fave lad Daniel Marin! With flawless skin and never a hair out of place, we HAD to find out Daniel’s secrets. Keep reading to find out Daniel’s top 5 holy grail grooming products that he couldn’t live without!

Taking care of the things that matter to you is important and that includes your skin. With the right skincare routine and some clever techniques, such as exfoliating, using facemasks and so on, you can give your face the luxurious care and attention it deserves. This is especially important as we see the end of summer days and the colder, harsher months of the year approaching.

Contrary to what most men might think, a daily grooming routine doesn’t take much time or effort. Establishing a basic routine in the morning after a fresh shower and shave will certainly make you feel and look better for the day. My golden rule and best advice is to never leave the house in the morning without applying a good moisturiser (especially one with a SPF in the summer). And irrespective of summer or winter, always drinks lots of water to stay hydrated.


Take a look at some of my favourite products below. Pick your favourites, get into a morning routine and stick to it.

1. Face Wash:

Elemis TFM Deep Cleanse Facial Washto rejuvenate and awaken your skin, while removing excess oil, dirt and impurities.

2. Hair & Body Wash:

Crabtree & Evelyn Moroccan Myrrh Hair & Body Washto cleanse and condition the skin, while leaving it softly scented with the aroma of myrrh, bergamot and cardamom.

3. Eye Cream:

Elemis TFM Time Defence Eye Reviverto reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and avoid the appearance of premature ageing.


4. Moisturiser:

Elemis TFM Daily Moisture Boost, which is a lightweight moisturiser designed to immediately recharge and hydrate the skin, while defending it from harsh pollutants in the air.

5. Hair Care:

Damion Barber Original Pomade, which ismade with Bee propolis and Raspberry seed oil. TheOriginal Pomadeleaves the hair feeling silky soft and conditioned. Being water based, theOriginal Pomadeis easily washed out while offering a medium hold and natural, healthy shine.


Regardless of what male grooming routines or products you use, always remember to be confident in your own (SPF moisturised) skin. The key to happiness is accepting yourself the way that you are. The moment you understand that, confidence will radiate from within.

Are you a brand and looking to work with Daniel on potential collaborations? Join the top brands already working with Daniel including H&M, Diesel & Superdry. Get in touch today: daniel@tbp management.com

Don’t forget to check out Daniel’s links below!

Blog: www.dfmarin.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dfmarin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dfmarin_



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