TBP Insiders - Top 5 Tips For Creating Content That Brands Love

Aug. 31, 2017

On this week's segment of TBP Insiders, we caught up with fashionista and TBP Talent babe – Emma Corrie Hill. Keep reading to find out Emma’s top 5 tips on creating unique, inspiring content that brands love for the perfect collaboration.


1. Location

The location of where you decide to shoot, sets the scene and gives the context for any story you are subsequently trying to communicate. The audience immediately picks up and get a feel for who you are as a person and the lifestyle behind the product being offered. Furthermore, it is important to make sure the content you are creating is in an exciting or visually pleasing location that fits with both your ethos and of that of the brands.


2. Personality

 For me, this is by far the most important aspect of creating good content. The most magical place in the world, the most amazing outfit, a world-class photographer, will be of little use if you are sat there bored and counting down the moment till your shoot ends - It can't not come across in the resulting photos. There is no need necessarily to be an A-lister model, I am far from that myself, but it is important to make sure you are enjoying what you are doing and let who you are as a person come out in whatever you are creating.


3. Experimenting with angles and lighting

 It's very easy to find a white wall and stand in front of it and think 'yeah, that's a nice photo' and it could very well end up being a  'nice' photo but by playing around with a high or low angle shot or choosing a certain time of day to get a certain light could turn a 'nice' photo into an impressive one.


4. Becoming a pro at editing

 Editing is one of the key factors in making the content you create stand out from those around you. Don't let a lack of experience put you off here as there are loads of good tutorials or blog posts you can find online to teach you. As an illustration -  I personally use up to 4 different editing tools just for editing one Instagram photo.


5. Quality

 This probably seems like an obvious point to make - of course any company would want high-quality images right? Investing in the best camera you can afford and its various lenses will probably be the best investment you could make. For me, the majority of what I shoot is 'street style' for which I highly recommend a 45mm lens.


Are you a brand and looking to work with Emma on potential collaborations? Join the top brands already working with Emma including Misguided, Public Desire & Primark. Get in touch today: emma.corrie@tbp management.com

Don’t forget to check out Emma’s links below!

Blog: http://londonstylegirl.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emmacorriehill/



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