TBP Spotlight: 5 Up-And-Coming Influencers

Oct. 25, 2018

In the social media world, it’s easy to lose sight of reality and what’s genuine. For those influencers that are fairly new to the game, it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd. So this week, The Blogger Programme have picked 5 influencers who are up and coming, and smashing it when it comes to their audience engagement and growing their following on a daily basis.


Ruby Holley 

Engagement - 10.25%

Followers  - 39,693

Monthly Average Growth - +13,500

Ruby has a beautifully curated feed on her Instagram page, that has seen immense growth over the past few months. She has seen a surge in her following since the summer which is rapidly growing, and this is echoed by her engagement rate which is a staggering 10.25%, over 7% above the industry average. She’s also started a YouTube Channel which has surged to 8,215+ followers since launching in September. Ruby's content is real and relatable, and her style gives us all major outfit inspo!

Olivia Rose Smith 

Engagement - 9.78%

Followers - 27,856

Monthly Average Growth +3,300

This lovely lady has also blossomed in the industry over the past few months. Olivia began growing a following on social media at the age of 22 after documenting her cancer diagnosis and journey on her Instagram page, and has since started her own support website cancerchicks.co.uk. Her channels continue to feature her journey but also her personal style, hair growth tips, and her tanning routine is a regularly requested feature. Her YouTube Channel (which also launched just last month) has been getting between 5,000 – 12,000 views per video. A combination of her positive outlook on her diagnosis, desire to help others experiencing the same, and her all round cute fashion sense make her a really great follow and an inspiration for many (just spend a few minutes scrolling through the comments she receives).

Sherrie Webster 

Engagement - 8.54%

Followers  - 21,528

Monthly Average Growth - +3,090

Sherrie is a fashionista in the making. Her Instagram profile is full of chic streetstyle snaps which people are clearly loving as her following is increasing month on month. With just over 21,500 followers, she has a super engaged audience at 8.54%. She knows how to work the angles of a camera and provides outfit inspo to her audience on a daily basis. We have a feeling Sherrie could be the next big thing when it comes to having an influence in the fashion industry. 

Misha Grimes 

Engagement - 7.64%

Followers - 56,759

Monthly Average Growth - +2,610

An avid YouTuber, Misha started her channel around 18 months ago and since then has grown her audience to 124k plus! As you would imagine, she’s also ever present on Instagram – both channels highlight her bubbly personality and personal preppy style. Take a look at her profiles for high street fashion hauls, chatty vlogs and lifestyle updates as well as makeup looks and tips. She’s an allrounder and a joy to watch - oh and her mum makes the odd appearance in her videos but they pretty much look like sisters!

Bethan J Roberts 

Engagement - 8.87%

Followers - 92,716

Monthly Average Growth - +11,580Bethan is another stylish Instagrammer! Her minimal and effortless looks make it so easy to want to own everything she wears, and her followers seem to agree seeing as her monthly growth averages at around 11,500! These days it’s easy for influencers to get lost posting sponsored content one after the other, but Bethan’s feed seems to document her personal style in a genuine and authentic way, as she posts outfits from brands that really represent her style. Definitely one to watch and another big influence in the fashion world. 


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