TBP Spotlight: Female YouTube Influencers

Sept. 17, 2018

This week, The Blogger Programme have delved into the world of YouTube to pick out our favourite female YouTubers, both up-and-coming and those very well known and popular. These #girlboss babes have captivated a huge audience collectively which we can only see continuing to grow! Take a look at their incredible content and hit the subscribe button on their channels…


As TBP Talents newest signee, we couldn’t not have Aliyah as our number one YouTuber! Her videos are packed full of humour, light-hearted and entertaining life advice, and she also does fun beauty hauls and product reviews. With her hilarious personality and huge following over on Instagram, you can’t not love her content. Aliyah is definitely one to watch!

Sophia and Cinzia 

Sophia and Cinzia are super relatable with their content and always up for a bit of light-hearted fun - and that’s why we love them! With over 180,000 subscribers, their Boy Talk videos are one to watch, as well as their collaboration videos with other YouTubers - I mean who wouldn’t want to see all their favourite bloggers in one place?! Their Instagram also features some fab content too.

Ruby Holley 

This lovely lady has only just started her YouTube journey, but her first video has been such a hit with over 20,000 views. If you’re looking for cute fashion inspo, Ruby is your girl! Her Instagram is also growing and features some gorgeous outfit inspiration and hotspots. Another one to watch in the influencer scene. 

Syd and Ell

Another hilarious girl gang, Syd and Ell are full of energy in their videos, and their followers love watching their hauls, vlogs and Q&A’s. With 105,000 subscribers and growing, we love that they are still so down to earth and relatable, and make you feel like you are with them in their bedroom getting ready for a night out. 

Charlotte Rose

Finally, Charlotte is another newer YouTuber on the block but one to definitely keep an eye out for. Her videos include fashion and beauty reviews, as well as vlogs and Q&A's. Her model looks are also getting recognised over on her Instagram


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