TBP Spotlight: Top 5 Cleaning Influencers

Oct. 9, 2018

In this blog post, The Blogger Programme look into how cleaning gurus are becoming the new influencers of Instagram! You may think the most successful social media sensations are the ones promoting lipsticks and skincare products, but this new breed of influencers are more in demand than ever, discussing the pros and cons of their favourite cleaning products! Insta-cleaning is turning into quite the phenomenon, with people showing off their spotless homes and just how they got them so clean. High street store Savers recently reported an 11% increase in the sale of household products, with Doug Winchester, MD at Savers, implying it is due to influencers making cleaning fun -  “There is something meditative about watching someone else clean their home on a screen”. So here are 5 cleaning influencers that are leading the way right now in the social media space...

Sophie Hinchcliffe

Known to her fans as Mrs Hinch, Sophie has wracked up an impressive number of followers over on her Instagram. Her squeaky-clean house and instructional instagram stories has gained her 866k loyal fans, all wanting her advice when it comes to cleaning, organising and homeware. As a viral sensation, Sophie has been handed a regular spot on ITV'sThis Morning, after a recent popular appearance on the show.

Lynsey Crombie

Lynsey is a familiar face on Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, where she has been one of the key cleaners since 2014. Lynsey stresses the importance of safe cleaning, using natural products rather than chemical-laden ones, and admits to spending up to £80 a week on cleaning products. To her followers, she is the 'Queen of Cleaning' and brings the fun back into the chore of cleaning the house!

Nicola Lewis

Nicola, also known as @_thisgirlcanorganise, is another up-and-coming cleaning influencer that is popular for her organisational tips and tricks. She believes decluttering homes is the best way to detox your life, and that structure is key. Her infectious and down to earth personality makes the perfect influencer to follow for regular cleaning inspo!

Lucy Jessica Carter

Lucy is as a fashion, lifestyle and parenting influencer, but also offers her followers home-hacks and cleaning advice that are becoming more and more popular over on her channel. You can check out her most recent YouTube video '60 minute speed cleaning' which offers a variety of top cleaning tips to help you clean your whole house in under an hour!

Rachel Freeman

Rachel is a professional organiser and provides expert guidance and support over on her Instagram @spaceinyourplace. Although currently a micro-influencer with 14k followers, Rachel is set to grow at a fast pace due to her exceptional cleaning advice and winning cleaning methods. 


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