The Power Of User Generated Content

Feb. 13, 2019

As a brand, repurposing your influencer marketing content can add maximum value to your campaign. Harnessing the power of influencer content is already proving to increase brand engagement and consumer trust, and ultimately drive sales. Customers crave authenticity, and marketers are always looking for new ways to expand their reach, therefore putting user generated content at the heart of your content strategy could be a game changer for the success of any brand. The Blogger Programme have put together 6 ways in which a brand can reuse influencers content in a useful and cost efficient way…

1. Social Media

Influencers share their content through a variety of social media platforms, but the buck doesn’t have to stop there. Your brand can repost the content that your influencers produce, and reuse this content on your brands profile. In addition to supplying you with this content, reposting influencer content also ensure that your message reaches the broadest audience possible. Influencer campaigns often cost money, so make sure you get as much ROI as possible out of each piece of content that is produced.

2. Paid Social

Reposting influencer content is one thing, putting money behind these posts and boosting their reach through paid social posts is another. Many brands are now selecting the best pieces of content from their influencer campaigns, and using paid social on Facebook and Instagram to boost these pieces of content further. You can target specific audiences including gender, age and location, and chose a call-to-action for people when they see the posts appear on their feeds.

3. Website / Web Banners

According to an eMarketer report, one-fifth of respondents to a marketing study revealed that they had used influencer content in their digital ads.  An example of this is an apparel brand using a picture of an influencer wearing a piece of their clothing no their website. This type of advertisement can easily shift product when seen on an influencer rather than a product shot. TBP Tip: make sure you have permission to use the content commercially. Additionally, target your advertisements to an audience that will recognise your influencer and therefore ascribe more meaning to the promotion.

4. Actionable Content

Actionable content is another great way to see customers click through to your website and make a purchase. Similar to paid social, if you use influencer content on platforms such as Instagram Stories, you can add in actions such as 'swipe up' and 'tap to view'  which gives potential customers the possibility to be sent straight to your website. The likelihood of the customer then buying the product or service is much greater.

5. Out-Of-Home

Another way of repurposing influencer content is through out-of-home advertising campaigns. So..? Fragrance are a fantastic example of this, when they used influencer Ellie Adams as the face and ambassador of their newly launched product back in 2018.  With the help of our team at TBP, Ellies content was shared nationwide at 900 bus shelters, and as a result, So..? Fragrance saw an incredible 424% uplift in sales and the campaign sparked viral follower interaction. 

6. Email Newsletters

Lastly, brands can influence more people with repurposed influencer content in their email strategy. Many of your target audience may subscribe to your email list but never access social media. Therefor your influencer campaign might generate more ROI if you repurpose that content in an email blast. Trigger your readers’ emotions by sharing the influencer’s story and explaining what your product or service has done to improve his or her life. 

If you are a brand looking to work with influencers but are unsure where to start, get in touch with our team of experts and let The Blogger Programme help you execute an effective influencer marketing campaign. Please email:

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